Awakening Your Priestess Powers

Let's Awaken your Priestess Powers Now

Every family needs a healer, it has always been like this since our ancestral ways.

You already know there is a powerful divine feminine energy in you. And you are ready for the world to know it too.

How would your life change if you can communicate with the Higher Realm with confidence, consistency and clarity? Because right now, the messages come and go and you are not 100% sure how to get messages at will or when you really need it.

You're starting to realize you don't just want a mundane life, but an extraordinary one that makes you feel like a Goddess on Fire wherever you go.

Mother Earth 🌎 is Ascending and She is Calling her Priestesses to Rise Now.

A priestess is a channel, medium and healer who works with Source to expand consciouness, empowering others through communicating with the Higher Realms.

Many spiritual women like yourself are intuitive empaths, highly sensitive to energy and want to make a difference in the world.

Just like we have done in our past lives, in Lemuria, Atlantis, Sirius, Avalon and beyond. It feels very fulfilling to you when you are able to help people.

Your multidimensional wisdom is coming in stronger than ever now, you are getting more signs from the universe like seeing 11:11 and 144 everywhere you go.

You are feeling a strong pull from your higher self to connect deeper with your spiritual abilities, such as energy healing, reading past lives, channel messages with guides, light language, light codes and much more.

There is no doubt in your heart that it's time to manifest your soul purpose here as a powerful high vibrational woman.

Sounds like just what you need? Here’s what you get when you sign up.

👑 Find your path as a priestess by embodying the 6 Divine Feminine Archetypes (Divine Mother, Sacred Lover, High Priestess, Warrior Woman, Wild Woman, Empowered Empress)

💎 Build a Powerful Priestess Altar aligned to your intentions (Wealth, Health, Relationships, Spiritual)

💖 How to Prepare for Channeling by activating your Spiritual Powers

✨ The Differences between Spiritual, Astral and Energetic Protection - And how to strengthen each of these areas.

📖 Access your Akashic Records to Activate more Gifts and Abilities for healing, light body activations and much more

🌹 Facilitate healing using Light Codes such as the Golden Phoenix, Pink Magdelene Rose

Activate your Light Language to Open and Heal an Energy Center, such as the Heart Chakra

By the end of the course, you will have a deeper understanding of channeling and how to use this powerful tool to connect with the divine and access your own spiritual abilities.

Our students are from all walks of life, moms, therapists, nurses, teachers, corporate professionals. We are just wonder women in disguise, with a heart of gold to heal ourselves, our family and humanity.

When you walk the priestess path, you are seen, appreciated and valued for who you truly are, because we see you, we are on the same path.

Divine woman,

Your Priestess Self is waiting for you, manifest your Priestess Powers into your life now

Your Instructor

Tiffany Tin
Tiffany Tin

Hi, I'm Tiffany! I am a High Priestess, Master Teacher with 8 years of experience teaching all things channelling, such as light codes, light language, channelling with guides, akashic information, energy healing and much more. I am the founder of the New Earth Alchemists Academy, and High Priestess Ascension Academy with 850+ students from all over the world. I am a certified meditation, Kundalini and chakra facilitator, Reiki Master level teacher, certified completion process practitioner, Tao Divine Healing Hands Healer, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant, Thai Yoga Massage therapist. I have 500k views and 14k+ subscribers on my youtube channel. I have been invited to teach in many well known events and podcasts such as Channeling Now, Wisdom from North, Soul Movement, Return of the Priestess, Woman Unleashed and much more.

'I have worked with Tiffany Tin for several years now and she is of the purest light. She is always very kind and professional while upholding the highest elevation of Spiritual Integrity, which is hard to find within all spiritual communities. It is because of this that I have always recommended her to all of my own clients as well as even placing her as a Spiritual Recommendation in my book Angelic Pearls 144. It is rare for another to be able to see the Seraphim when they are in my field, and she has been able to do this from the beginning. She truly has the pure Sapphire Blue Flame of Divine working through her. She may often have a waitlist, but this is just a testimony of how so many are guided to her beautiful Light Spark.'

- Zaneta Ra, Oracle of the Pearl Codes, Amazon Bestseller

I learned SO much because of her! I felt so supported, encouraged and felt so much love and compassion. Tiffany really cares about your wellbeing and works hard to empower her clients. I could list a whole bunch of ways that I've evolved, ascended and broken through old patterns because of working with Tiffany, but these are the two of the biggest: I now trust so much in my own intuition and capacity to heal myself, others, and get through anything…I don't doubt myself anymore and I'm able to serve others in a way that's very aligned with my soul purpose.

- Sara Shirley, Earth-based Intuitive Healer

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts right after your purchase, you can go at your own pace.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have life time access to this course across any and all devices you own.
'Before I met Tiffany, I knew that I was ready to grow and that I had the ability to be more open spiritually, but I didn't know how.I had been going through so much, so when I would come I just wanted to let out all this stuff I was carrying….I am more open, I am more in tune, I see the messages and I am getting more clear on their meanings and what spirit needs me to know. Tiffany helped me reach a spiritual level that I didn't know existed, to open my heart to such a beautiful experience of light. It was truly amazing.'- Edie, Teacher, Astrologer

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'My life has completely transformed in all areas; energy healing, psychic abilities, Higher Self connection.. and what I am most grateful for is how these practices have served for ancestral healing! The skills and knowledge Tiffany continues to teach are invaluable and well worth the time, devotion and dedication not just for your practice, but the self healing / shadow work / raising your frequency. Thank you so much Tiffany for all that you do, I am truly honored and grateful for all your teachings! - Maggie, Nurse turned High Priestess of Light

'I am absolutely thrilled to share my heartfelt testimonial for Tiffany Tin, an extraordinary soul who has profoundly impacted my life over the past year. Tiffany has served as my mentor, teacher, and healer, and I can confidently say that the positive shifts I've experienced in my life are remarkable. What sets Tiffany apart is her innate ability to call in and work with the highest frequencies that are precisely tailored to each individual's needs. This unique gift has enabled me to experience potent transformation and rapid ascension on my spiritual journey.
- Enid, Corporate Professional, High Priestess of Light, Reiki Master