Awakening the Divine Feminine: A Transformational Journey to Loving the Goddess Within

Connect with your Inner Child, Womb and Spiritual Guides for Deep Healing, Unshakable Confidence and Sacred Self Love

One of the most powerful force in the universe?

A woman who believes in herself, her magic and her voice!

Women are naturally connected to the GODDESS energy, we are given intuition, healing abilities and spiritual gifts.

We are etheric, sensual, alluring and have the power to manifest spiritual energy into physicality through our divine feminine powers.

We are Healers. Medicine Women. Teachers. Leaders.

But many of us carry energetic and emotional wounds in the THIRD EYE, HEART, THROAT and WOMB.

And these wounds blocks us from accessing our spiritual gifts and life purpose.

Channelling and Healing is beyond just opening your third eye, it is a sacred path to align your soul, heart, mind and body into the highest vibrational state of being.

It is about BELIEVING in who you are becoming and giving yourself permission to experience it starting today.

Integrating with your inner child to release emotional wounds, own your voice and live in alignment with who you are authentically

Connecting with your Womb to heal ancestral karmic blockages, let go of pain for more pleasure in your life, reclaim your sense of peace, self expression and acceptance

Opening your spiritual channels to receive messages from the higher realm, strengthen your intuition and manifest your life purpose

You can feel it in your bones that times are changing and the divine feminine is rising, the world is your oyster so the real question is...

What is keeping you stuck?

Things like playing small, being TOO nice, TOO considerate can actually be a symptom of deep emotional wounds that is calling you to HEAL yourself.

If you let these wounds fester, it will start to seep into all areas of your life. And ain’t nobody got time for that, Goddess!

Divine Woman, it is time to awaken your inherent power and to deeply love yourself with no apologies, no excuses, no shame, guilt or judgement.

You know that deep within your heart, there is a yearning for more zest and magic from LIFE!

You came here to create a LEGACY, live your PURPOSE so you can wake up feeling FULFILLED and radiate love and abundance!

It’s time for the divine feminine IN YOU to RISE, Goddess!

Imagine Shifting From...

  • Feeling stuck, fearful and overwhelmed to feeling alive, bold & vibrant
  • Over giving, not feeling good enough or worthy to a fierce, radiant and powerful Goddess who loves her body from head to toe, skin to bone
  • From playing the “nice girl” to embodying your authenticity and sensuality to attract new love, new successes in your life with ease, grace and velocity
  • Feeling unmotivated, stagnant and worn out to feeling inspired, motivated and clear on fulfilling your future, with a deeper awareness of who you are and what you have to offer this world
  • Clearing at a cellular level the experience and energy of self-rejection, abandonment and shame to embracing and loving all aspects of yourself - YES QUEEN!
  • Releasing insecurity and the “ better-play-it-safe”mentality to confidently trusting your own capabilities, skills and natural talents to create your legacy
  • Passively letting 'life happen' to you to actively stepping into your Feminine Power, unleashing hidden spiritual gifts you’ve always had but never knew how to use - YES GODDESS you have super powers

In This Online Course You Will:

  • Activate and Integrate with Your Goddess Resonance by working with the energy of the Divine Mother Kuan Yin, Sacred Lover Goddess Aphrodite and High Priestess Isis
  • Release emotional pain and mental limitations so you can feel light, free and inspired
  • Shift from hiding your light and playing small to allow yourself to feeling grounded, strong and trust in yourself
  • A powerful Inner Child Soul Retrieval (Inner Alchemy) technique to deeply heal and transform the emotional body and mental limitations stemming from past memories so you can stop letting the past hold you back from creating the impact that you desire
  • Radical Self Love Sacred Rituals and Practices to elevate your energy level and uplift your vibration
  • Learn how to Heal your Emotional Body to release mental and emotional blockages
  • Heal your Womb to unlock your intuition, creativity and Ignite a new found level of love for yourself and inspire your loved ones
  • Open to channel to receive messages from your higher self, spiritual guides and the higher realms

What you get:

3x 90mins Guided Healing Sessions with Goddess Wisdom teachings and Q&As (Value $1,491)

4x 15mins Meditative Transmission to Rapidly Ascend your Goddess Resonance (Value $1,188)

4x 30mins Energetic Activation with Goddess Kuan Yin, Aphrodite and Isis (Value $1,188)

ACCESS TO OUR PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP for sisterhood support, exclusive classes

Total Value: $3,867

Your Investment: CAD $222 Pay In Full

Your Instructor

Tiffany Tin
Tiffany Tin

Hi, I'm Tiffany! I am the founder of My Inner Temple, New Earth Alchemists Academy, and High Priestess Ascension Academy. I am a certified meditation, Kundalini and chakra facilitator, Reiki Master level teacher, certified completion process practitioner, Tao Divine Healing Hands Healer, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant, Thai Yoga Massage therapist that uses many modalities to release inhibiting fears and emotional pain caused by past experiences. I have led 250+ successful and valuable conscious workshops, healing events, courses, retreats, and webinars every year to share with my community in everything that helps us heal and be empowered. I specialize in energy healing, alchemy healing and facilitating your soul light journey to find your inner truth.

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How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

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