Dragon Flame Keepers Level 1 - The Eternal Light Codes of Ascension

Working with Dragons for Grid Work, Healing and Light Body Activations

The Power of the Dragons of Light Activates in you Now.

Have you been feeling a higher calling to work with light beings such as the Dragons?

Many souls are being guided to work with ancient and powerful spirit guides, among them, the Dragons.

There are many ways to work with Dragons, and in truth, the vastness of their reach and wisdom cannot be describe with words. Their love, power, strength, healing and teachings, can be felt in our hearts and souls.

Walk into the Path of Ascension and become a Dragon Flame Keeper.

In this level 1 training, you will be guided to connect with your dragon essence and work with your dragon guides at a deeper and empowering journey.

You will learn Dragon Light Symbols, Dragon Light Codes, Dragon Flames for self healing, light body activation, grid working, and spiritual, energetic and astral protection.

Who is this course for?

- Dragon Kindred Souls who wish to embody their Dragon essence as a healer, channeller and lightworker.

- You want to remember your lifetimes as a Dragon, or Working with Dragons

- You want to learn how to work with the Dragons as a Light Codes Keeper

- You know it's time for you to expand your spiritual abilities, you know you want to use your abilities to help people heal and connect to the spiritual realms

- You are a kind and loving person, but you are having trouble expressing your power. You want to release habits in your life such as people pleasing, overthinking, to feeling fully grounded in yourself to command positive manifestations in your life. In other words, the dragon medicine/frequency can really be helpful to you right now!

- You want to expand and grow, make a difference in the world and pave the way to a better world.

- You feel drawn to exercise your innate power in a balanced way. You understand that you can honour your truth, and let others honour their truth.

- You feel that Speaking your Truth has to be balanced by love and wisdom.

- You honour both the shadows and light within you. There is no bypassing, you learn to love your vulnerability, and you also love your light.

- These values resonates with you: Service to Others, Sovereignty, Righteous to Protect the Pure, Faith in the Benevolence Force of the Universe, Simplicity, Grace, Humble, Humor, Wholesomeness, Fulfillment, Love for Nature, Honour

What is included:

- Life Time access to the course materials. Scrolling down to the Curriculum section, you can see the modules and class topics.

- 6 Months Access to the 144k Crystalline Temple of the Sacred Flames includes:

  • A Timeline Healing Workshop every 2nd Saturday of the Month at 11am EST
  • A Healing Ceremony with Light Codes Teachings every 2nd Tuesday of the Month at 11am EST

Student Practice Sessions on:

  • Every 2nd Monday of the Month at 11am EST
  • Every Last Tuesday of the Month at 7pm EST
  • Every first Wednesday of the month at 7:30am EST
  • Every 3rd Friday of the Month at 4pm EST

- Certificate: Upon completion of this course, you can apply to receive a Certificate of Completion.

Feedback from Students:

""I've undergone some massive level ups since working with Tiffany! She has been such a wise, patient, and caring teacher, and just her energy alone can really activate you in a powerful and transformative way.

Though I already work with the dragons regularly and teach about them myself, I still felt inspired to enroll in Tiffany's Dragon Flame Keepers course right away! And I'm glad I did. I learned so much from both Tiffany and the dragons of Mil'I REN DE that I doubt I would have channeled on my own. They really allowed me to see and understand things from a new perspective. I've always felt like my light language and clairvoyant abilities were lacking, but since enrolling in Dragon Flame Keepers, I am now confident in my ability to work with light language and light codes and also to trust what I see with my third eye.
The Dragon Flame Keepers course is honestly like a real-life Hogwarts class come to life! Every week, you get to learn from Tiffany and the dragons, receive upgrades and activations, and even go on "field trips" in your light body. It is a fun, healing, and informational experience, all rolled into one! And at the end, you even get to undergo a 1:1 certification session with Tiffany herself where you can test out your new abilities.
Needless to say, my energy healing abilities are through the roof now! I'm so grateful to Tiffany, the dragons of Mil'I REN DE and the other dragon flame keepers. This has been a truly magical experience and I look forward to enrolling in the next level!
-Hannah Azok"

“Tiffany thank you so much, meeting you and doing your course has been a highlight for me. I really really enjoyed your course. I will be waiting for the New Year to reconnect and see what you will have to teach then”

“Your encouragement and loving support is such a gift and incredibly motivating! I look forward to continued experiences and classes with you. Your guidance as a mentor and teacher has been such a blessing. Thank you for showing us how important cleansing and protection is. I hear your voice in my head Each time I get ready to practice! “

"i have to say your teaching and who u are i was able to learn and you put me at so much ease and the confidence with in me i'm 58yrs old and you touched me like no other teach has so big big thank you again you are a very special person - Luv from Australia"

Got Questions?

Please feel free to contact me at: https://www.highpriestessascension.com/contact

Your Instructor

Tiffany Tin
Tiffany Tin

Hi, I'm Tiffany! I am a High Priestess, Master Teacher with 8 years of experience teaching all things channelling, such as light codes, light language, channelling with guides, akashic information, energy healing and much more. I am the founder of the New Earth Alchemists Academy, and High Priestess Ascension Academy with 850+ students from all over the world. I am a certified meditation, Kundalini and chakra facilitator, Reiki Master level teacher, certified completion process practitioner, Tao Divine Healing Hands Healer, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant, Thai Yoga Massage therapist. I have 500k views and 14k+ subscribers on my youtube channel. I have been invited to teach in many well known events and podcasts such as Channeling Now, Wisdom from North, Soul Movement, Return of the Priestess, Woman Unleashed and much more.

Course Curriculum

  2. Working with Dragon Light Symbols
Available in days
days after you enroll

"If you're curious about Dragons & their light codes / light language, Tiffany's course is a great compliment to already existing skillets & to anyone just starting out. The journey in itself can go as far and as deep as you wish to take it. It's both finalising & continuous 😌"

- John, Founder of @Shamanicearthhealings and @Primalheartmensempowerment

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have life time access to this course across any and all devices you own.

Fellow Dragon friends, if we have met before, welcome! If this is the first time you have landed here, welcome to you too!

I have always have a deep connection to Dragons. My Chinese Zodiac is Earth Dragon. I have known for a long time that my elemental soul has a deep love for these beings of light. I work with Ascended Beings such as Arcangel Michael, and Mother Kuan Yin, Seraphims of Love, Light and Ascension.

It is part of my mission to share with the world that we are beings of light and we have light beings that teaches, guides and support us on our mission on Earth, we are not alone!

It's also a part of my mission to Reclaim the Dragon Frequency! As with all things in this universe, there are service to self, and service to others beings. I am here to bring the love, healing and teachings from the Dragons of Light who are service to others, who wish to empower us and bring in these dragon codes to help Mother Earth ascend.

Being a Master Teacher of light codes, light language has been so fulfilling. I wish for you to feel this light and live powerfully as a dragon flame keeper! It would be my honour to work with you!

To learn more about dragon guides, please feel free to check out this video I made about some common dragon spirit guides! It has 14k views, it means we are not alone and there are many of us who have dragon essence within us!

To sample my style of teaching, I've taught this Dragon Light Codes Workshop, free to access here:

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