Angelic Light Codes Healing Certification Course with Master Teacher Tiffany Tin

Invoke THE WING MAKER within you to work with the Seraphims

Seraphims are the guardians of many pure and high-frequency light codes. They work directly with the 144 elects to bring forth the current Aria Template on Earth.

The 144 consciousness is accessible to all souls - should they decide to answer the clarion call of the Seraphims.

To answer this call is to bring the Christo consciousness, Celestial Templates, Seraphim Light Codes, onto the collective grid line.

It is to share the teachings of the Ancient Ones, 144 Seraphims, the Melchizedek Order and its many branches to help Gaia reach her divine destiny as a celestial sphere.

Light Codes are the universal templates of the universal mind, cosmic heart and divine mother, and father. Many old souls have learned about light codes through their akashic (past lives) and multidimensional selves.

Light codes can be experienced in many ways such as:

  • Seeing colours (swirling, pulsating, flashes)
  • Seeing shapes and geometric shapes
  • Hearing vibrations
  • Passage of language or sounds spontaneously expressing from your voice
  • An angelic being ‘gifting’ you something, like a flower, a crystal, a flame

Light Codes work to positively imprint an energy signature into your consciousness and DNA, thus having these benefits:

  • Activating your etheric DNA
  • Trigger remembrance of Akashic Records
  • Tune into the collective consciousness
  • Receiving a pulse of inspiration to create and channel
  • Work closer with angelic beings or guides
  • Becoming more skilled as a healer
  • Amplify the power of your existing spiritual gifts

There are many forms of Light Codes. The 5 most common Light Codes are:

  • Protection
  • DNA Light Body activation
  • Access Akashic Memory
  • Grid upgrades
  • Collective Downloads

Some other forms of codes are Void codes, Sigma Codes, Elemental Codes, Swan Codes and more.

May the WING MAKER in you RISE in this now!

In this journey, you will:

> Go through a 7-day initiation journey to prepare your soul, heart, mind and body for this divine activation with the Seraphims

> Learn how to connect and work with the Seraphims of the Angelic Hierarchy of Light

> Receive 16 Light Codes activations to be Healers, Keepers, Messengers or Beacons of these codes

This course is suitable for any soul who wishes to help humanity and Mother Gaia or simply wants to receive these light codes for their own spiritual journey.

What is included:

- Lifetime access to the course

- 1-Year Access to Group Practice Sessions with fellow Light Codes Healers (2 Sessions every month)

- Certification: Upon completion of this course, you can apply to receive an official Certificate (optional)

Seraphim Light Codes Healing Certification Course with Master Teacher Tiffany Tin

The Wing Makers of Light - Seraphim Angelic Light Codes Healers -- Online Certification Training Course

Become a Wing Maker!