Who is a Priestess of Light?

Who is a Priestess of Light? 

A Priestess is committed to the expansion of the human consciousness and spiritual growth. 

They continue to work on themselves and serve with humility, compassion, love and understanding. 

They are the channels to the spiritual realm, bringing ancient knowledge and wisdom from Lemuria, Atlantis, Arcturus and Beyond. 

An Alchemist that transform all energies into higher frequencies of Light and Love. 

They are the bringers of dawn, wing makers, transmuting the old paradigms into a higher intelligence and order. 

She helps others connect to the divine so they can heal themselves and actualize their soul aligned path. 

They are committed to master the duality the reality and is in a divine partnership with the universe. 

They act towards the highest good of all. 

They are guided by the heart and soul of the Divine Will. 

They are all lineage bearers, visionary leaders, messengers of love and bringers of light.

To be a Priestess is to hold a sacred trust. The purity of heart is what they share. 

Together we can bring this purity fourth in our sacred service, live what we teach and teach what we live. 

Priestess is a state of consciousness. We bring the consciousness of light into this world through love, compassion, service and wisdom. By releasing blockages of our past, we connect to the joy of our spirit. 

Each of us are a spiritual light being made of pure energy, when we embrace our connection to Source, we begin to live our life in service, wisdom and love. 

As a priestess of light, we recognize the light within every living being. As we expand your consciousness we are filled with more and more light. 

Breath by breath, this light floods our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and helps us live in the state of unity. And shine our luminous essence from all dimensions of our being. 

When we are in harmony within, we strengthen our soul light and begin the harmonize relationships with others. 

Founder of High Priestess Ascension Academy, 

Tiffany Tin 

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