How to Process Anger [Free]

Five Effective and Easy to Implement Tools for Inner Peace

Hi Alchemists! I'm Tiffany Tin, founder of My Inner Temple and the New Earth Alchemists Academy.

I help people reconnect with themselves deeply to learn how to heal emotional wounds to overcome inhibiting fears, restore into wholeness and breakthrough to inner peace, confidence and reclaim their authentic self.

When we are healed and empowered, we are more grounded, confident, in the flow, assertive and have healthy boundaries.

When we struggle with our emotional wounds, it can affect us in many ways. In my career what I have noticed is that these thought patterns are very sneaky! They hide in our subconscious, and because we have grown so used to them, many of us don't even know they are running in the background and draining our energy. It can cause you to feel stuck or lost.

Emotional wounds are painful, yet most of us are not taught how to heal them. Sometimes it is so painful that we start to feel numb, we feel nothing, or we might act out in anger to protect ourselves. We need to understand and heal our shadows. We need to bring in the light of our consciousness to illuminate these blind spots.

If we let them fester, it manifests itself repeatedly as patterns. You are sitting here asking yourself why did I get into this type of situation again? Or why is this person treating me like this?

All of these thought patterns are disempowering and can make us feel helpless to change our experience or circumstances.

The good news is that it doesn't have to be this way! That repeating cycle can end, starting today.

When we learn how to look into our shadows and transmute it into light through Alchemy Healing, it benefits our lives in so many ways:

  • Increase Emotional Intelligence, Interpersonal effectiveness

By learning about our trigger points and shadows, we begin to understand what drives ourselves and other people to behave a certain way. We become more compassionate and non-judgmental towards ourselves and others.

  • Connect quickly to the power of your inner voice and learn how it guides you in your healing process in a positive way

With this new found level of consciousness, you will be able to understand exactly why you are feeling or behaving a certain way and be able to express yourself clearly to others. This will decrease the frequency of misunderstandings and deepen your connection with others. You will know what is bothering you, triggering you, and how you can meet your own emotional needs.

  • Gain the clarity you need to connect to your emotional body quickly, cut down time spend on overthinking

My family struggled financially when I was a child. It was an unhealthy environment and caused many traumatic memories. I also struggled with huge self esteem issues because I was constantly bullied in school. After years of fragmentation and not healing myself, I developed panic attacks, I slept 16 hours a day because of depression, and I had one abusive relationship after another, until one day I just had it. I WANT to CHANGE my life.

I was feeling really tired and drained from overthinking and ruminating, thinking that I can THINK myself out of depression. I had the right intention to heal but I wasn't going at it with the right tools and techniques. I set out to research, I took some courses, and I went on to obtain several certifications. Now I am confidently leading successful healing workshops, classes, and retreats, and watching hundreds of people transform in front of me because of the information I share. Although life is a journey, I am finally able to feel happy with who I am, I kicked abusive relationships to the curb, and I found my loving partner. If I can do it, you definitely can too!

  • Quick and Easy to Implement techniques proven effective even if you have a busy schedule

Emotional healing seems like a hard to grasp topic, where do you even start? In this course, I break it down in an organized and concrete pathway so you can follow along with me without feeling overwhelmed. Videos are bite-sized, digestible and straight to the point.


What You Will Learn In This Course


Connecting with Your Inner Child to Transform Anger

Because of cultural and social conditioning, we find ourselves suppressing parts of us that are not acceptable as a result of shame, guilt or rejection. When these emotional trauma or scars are not resolved, we continue to experience emotional pain as a result. These aspects desperately needs your attention, we can call these aspects our inner child or parts of our human ego. To your conscious adult self, you might not realize how deep a certain experience might have affected you. Sometimes these events seem small to your adult self but to the inner child self it is deeply hurtful. Most of us have forgotten about my inner child as we grew and they are left in unresolved memories. To resolve emotional wounds and to get unstuck, we must free our inner child from the pain that they are still suffering from. We need to bring what’s anchoring us in the past to our present awareness.

Mind-Body Detox

We are much more than just a physical body. When an emotion such as anger arises, we must look into the health and wellbeing of our mental body and physical body. We know that the physical body can affect the mind and vice versa. We are what we think, we are what we eat. When we are consumed by anger, we must look deeply into the way we consume through our senses. We must learn how to cultivate peace, joy and happiness at the cellular level.

Understanding the Energy Flow of Anger

Next we need to understand our behaviour as a result of anger. Sometimes when someone hurt us, subconsciously we want to lash out at them through yelling or even very subtly by giving them the cold shoulder and saying painful words to punish them. The mind thinks, “you hurt me so I need to hurt you, so I can suffer less and you will know how painful it is for me.” This pattern only contributes to another cycle of deep hurt and overtime can cause damage in a relationship. Swallowing anger silently without putting out the flames is also toxic for ourselves, we might start to feel resentful towards our own physical body and stop taking good care of it.

Another way that we might express anger is to keep doing and keep going. Instead of using the anger to cleanse like a wild fire, to begin anew like the natural cycle of a forest. We have created a tornado around ourselves, like the Tasmania devil! We seek to do more, we don’t want to sit, pause and breath. However, to breath and bring your awareness back into he present moment is exactly what we need to do. If you keep this flame up, eventually you will be drained, you feel feel more irritated and angry.

When we can gain clarity on where this anger is stemming from, we slowly realize that blaming others does not ease our suffering. It is normal to blame others in the beginning of our journey because it is very common for the ego to defend against others or get stuck in defeat. Blaming brings us deeper into the state of powerlessness, asking ourselves or others to take responsibility however, is empowering and transformational. With a higher perspective, we realize that these external factors are secondary cause, leading us in a place deep within ourselves that we might not want to see or feel.

Ending the Cycle

As children, we have all experienced cultural and social conditioning. We learn a lot of behaviours and thought patterns from our parents or care figures. As we awaken, we come to a realization that we have the power to stop this pattern. I work with a lot of clients who are conscious parents because they have gone through a lot of suffering, they have come to a point of peace through their healing journey and eventually understands that their parents were also victims of this pattern. As their journey progresses, they are also able find the breathing room to release resentment and forgive themselves and whoever caused their suffering.

When a building is on fire, the firemen water down the building first and foremost. They prioritize taking care of what's important and cooling the flames, then find out what happened afterwards. Become aware of where you are watering, are you watering the garden of anger or the garden of mindfulness?

Opening the Door to Communication

We are in the age of communication and yet many of us feel more lonely and isolated than ever. The quality of our relationships are improved when we can learn how to communicate our needs, validate ourselves and others with compassion and using mindful listening.

When we are experiencing anger, it is important that we do not suppress it, ignore it and try to repel it. Your emotional body is part of you, by rejecting anger you could be rejecting a part of you. Embrace it, give yourself some moments to embrace it, let the person know that you are angry and suffering in a calm way.

Five Effective and Easy to Implement Tools towards Self Mastery

Practicing what you have learned in 3 books is better than reading 100 books and not practicing at all. Wisdom is not only about knowledge, but in the application of the knowledge through practice. I will guide you through these five steps that you can implement in your life right away towards inner peace and calmness.

Your Instructor

Tiffany Tin
Tiffany Tin

Hi, I'm Tiffany! I am a High Priestess, Master Teacher with 8 years of experience teaching all things channelling, such as light codes, light language, channelling with guides, akashic information, energy healing and much more. I am the founder of the New Earth Alchemists Academy, and High Priestess Ascension Academy with 850+ students from all over the world. I am a certified meditation, Kundalini and chakra facilitator, Reiki Master level teacher, certified completion process practitioner, Tao Divine Healing Hands Healer, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant, Thai Yoga Massage therapist. I have 500k views and 14k+ subscribers on my youtube channel. I have been invited to teach in many well known events and podcasts such as Channeling Now, Wisdom from North, Soul Movement, Return of the Priestess, Woman Unleashed and much more.

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